1. Common sense is your friend. Respect all guild members and other players. Drama is not welcome here.

2. There’s a recruit period for new members while everyone gets a feel for each other. In general we would try to keep it as short as possible (2-3 weeks), however it may vary depending on your in-game activity level and if you are an asset to the guild. 

3. We trust in candid interactions here so please feel free to speak to a senoir officer or a guild governing council member at any time should you have any concerns or propositions.

4. Continious negative actions or attitudes will not be tolerated. With that said, we understand that from time to time everybody needs to went out, hence if that happens too often - perhaps it is time to meditate and focus on the subject rather then impacting others in the guild who may not want to participate in your "bad day"...

5. Communication is the key to all guild planned activities, including operation runs or even some flashpoints. If you've signed up for an activity or made a promise to attend in any other way please either show up or let those affected know ASAP that for some reason you won’t be able to make it. This is especially important in ops groups. Real life always goes first, and emergencies do happen more than we would like sometimes... we only ask that you make a best effort to notify us.

6. The OPS rules are covered separately and in more detail in the appropriate forum section. Hereby, we just highlighting the most important aspects. For variety of reasons (experience, gear, communications, etc...) not everyone might be suited for a particular run yet, hence the run leader may ask you to step out so someone more prepared can have the spot. If that happens, it does not mean that you won't be able to join the run in the future and please do not take it personal. At the end - we are aiming for a successful run. In general, we will give multiple chances and guidance first. In the long run, we will gladly help you to get there. 

7. For loot that drops in guild/joint guild/pug operations, unles specified otherwise by the run leader - need for yourself on the current character only if you really need an item. If in doubt - please ask the run lead. You are always welcome to greed for your alts or companions if they need it or pass otherwise so others will have a better chance for getting the much needed item. Once again, some regular ops groups might be setting their own rules, also please refer to a specific forum for more details. As for the crafting materials in general - you are welcome to need. It is also good to remember that as a rule of thumb, we are collecting most crafting materials to be stored in the guild bank which helps our crafters to gear up the guild members in need.

8. Learn to play your class. While we are always glad to help with questions and get people through content blocks and advise where required - it needs to be reasonable though. Please do not expect our officers to spend all the time dragging you through the content while making no progression on your own. Sometimes it takes awhile to realise that it is not your class to play, hence there is plenty to choose from in this game.

9. At any time for any questions in regards to the guild in general, guild memebres, inter-guild relationships, etc... please feel free to communicate with the guild officers or above. The guild governing structure is fully covered in the respective section and is up to date. It also outlines current officers roles and responsibilities so it is always advised to contact those in charge of the particular area in question.

10. And the last but definetely not the least one... The most important rule - we are all here for fun. If you are loosing the fun - we'll do our best to help you find it, however if it never comes back perhaps it is time to move on to something else.

11. Puffy MUST DIE!!!!!!!