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                   Galactic Alliance Guard                                                                                                          Jedi Covenant (PvE)

All new members - welcome you are!

Message from the Guild Council:

Long time ago... Around mid September 2014, far far away in the Jedi Covenant Galaxy... The Galactic Alliance merged with The Guard. And a new guild has begun! Galactic Alliance Guard!

The Guild Council has reformed, refer to the Guild Structure section for details. The site is being updated to reflect all the changes.

We are using the Guild Calendar and the Rapid Raid tool to schedule guild events including OPS runs and PVP, check this site for updates on a regular basis you should.

And... please do not forget to register your characters here to keep the site current and allow us to use features like event scheduling, forums etc...

May the Force be with you!

Message from the GM:
If you happen to the an officer or GM of another guild on the Jedi Covenant Server and are looking for a guild to ally with or possibly join please contact me in game (Buum/Volhv/NitrÖ/L'ipstick) or send a webmail to RufusGufus or NITRO.HD .  I would be happy to discuss either of those possibilities with you so long that both guilds benefit from the arangement.


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