Who we are

In August 2014, Galactic Alliance merged with The Guard.

Founding members of Galactic Alliance came from GFF (Galactic Force Federation), a guild with a long history going all the way back to beginnings of the infamous in the Star Wars community MMO - SWG.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy, stress free community based on the candid interactions. We are a small guild dedicated to progression and a guild that feels that without the group atmosphere any MMO game would be lacking.  This guild is dedicated to being helpful and behaving in a social responsible way in the game world as much as the real one.

We are populated by working adults and we recognize that family, work, and real life commitments come first. We are a guild that stresses tolerance and acceptences of lifestyle differences. Even though most of us live in the USA and Canada, we are trully international guild with members from all over the world including Brazil, Australia and Europe.

Our Vision

Galactic Alliance Guard is a PVE guild focused on operations and flashpoints. We also in a process of building a PvP team and will be running guild PvP events on a regular basis for those interested. We trust in building a sustainable community of mature players to get the best out of the game and have a continious ultimate fun by playing together!

Goals and Objectives

- Build a sustainable core team for weekly story mode 16-man operations;

- Advance with hard mode operations progression;

- Run guild PvP events weekly;


Our Current Standings

We currently run 8-person operations (mainly Ravagers and ToS SM) on a regular basis, several times a week. We typically start raids around 8:00pm - 8:30pm Eastern time, based on the members availability. Aiming to help our members with gearing up, we are also running hard-mode flashpoints daily. We are actively participating in Guild Conquest events. A Hard Mod Operations core team has been established.

We always welcome active players who share our vision. More information about our rules and guidelines can be found at the Guild Rules section of this site. 

Guild Structure 

We trust in complete transparency for our members. Guild members - please refer to the Guild Structure Section of this site and the Guild Information Forum for details, including officer roles and responsibilities.